What Health Hazards May Be Hiding in Your Carpet?

What Health Hazards May Be Hiding in Your Carpet?



You assume  your home is a safe place where cleanliness is controllable. Even if you don’t get a chance to dust every corner, you would like to think you do a decent job at keeping it clean and dirt free. Little do we know that each and every day, you and your family could be unknowingly stepping on and tracking millions of germs in, out, and around your home. How? Your carpet.

Although warm and fuzzy to our bare feet, the carpet beneath your feet can be housing more germs than you can even imagine. Acting as a literal sponge, your carpet holds, attracts, and breeds tons of germs. From foot traffic to pets, and even simple, day to day activities, your carpet collects many of the germs that can easily cause sickness, allergies, and overall health hazards. Where? Let’s find out.


Feet, Shoes, and The Great Outdoors

Imagine walking outside, on the sidewalk to work, and around the grocery store barefoot. Now imagine taking all the debris that sticks to your feet from being outside and walking into your home with it, leaving it scattered around, and living amongst it. Essentially, this is what most of us with a carpeted home do. Whatever the soles of your shoes step on is what will end up embedded into the fibers of your carpet if you do not remove them before entering. Spotting the debris is not always as easy as catching a piece of gum or a leaf stuck to the bottom of your shoe. More often than not, invisible germs are the biggest culprits.

Kitty Cats and Furry Paws

We all love our pets. But do we love the dirt they track in from their daily walks? It is highly unlikely that your pet wears shoes, so there’s nothing to buffer direct contact when they are outside. Whatever dirt, grime, and maybe even animal droppings they get into outside is coming straight into your home and finding its way into your carpet. Even worse than shoes, the grooves and ridges inside your pet’s paws can hold more dirt than is initially noticeable.


Your Own Skin

At this point, you may be thinking, “None of this applies to me. I take my shoes off at the door every day and I have no pets. So my carpet is worry-free.” Wrong. Even if you are the cleanest of the clean, your body sheds skin cells every day, all day. As these millions of tiny skin cells accumulate, they act as food for bacteria already found there so the cycle of bacteria will continue way past your control.


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