5 Reasons Pet Owners Should Have Their Carpets Professionally Cleaned

5 Reasons Pet Owners Should Have Their Carpets Professionally Cleaned

When it comes to carpet cleaning, having it professionally cleaned is the only way many times. This sentiment is especially true for those who own pets. Only using soap, water, or regular household cleaners and scrubbing the carpet won’t do when owning a pet. Also, regular vacuuming can’t eliminate all the debris that maybe deep down in the carpet. Even when it comes to spot cleaning the carpet when the pet has an accident, it is very important to have those spots professionally handled.

If you need more convincing that regular carpet cleaning isn’t enough, the following includes five reasons why pet owners should have their carpets professionally cleaned:

1. Pets drag in grass, leaves, mud, water, and dirt.

With professional cleaning, you will ensure your home is healthier and more sanitary by eliminating possible allergens and pests that vacuuming alone can’t always get.

2. Hair and dander usually shed off of pets and are left all over carpeting and furniture.

Dander and hair shedding contributes to allergens as well. However, professional carpet cleaners are equipped to handle these situations. This equipment will have various cleaning modes, antimicrobial brushes, flexible hoses, a stain brush, powerful suction, and more to ensure ultimate cleaning.

3. Ticks and fleas are most likely brought into the home from pets.

Eggs and larvae will more than likely develop from fleas. Also, ticks can cause various diseases of pets and humans. So, you must have top-notch carpet cleaning equipment that will strongly yet safely brush these pests and their eggs and larvae up as well as suction it up.

4. Enzymes in cats and dogs’ urine are strong.

The smell is unbearable, and stains will form. Even if you trained your cat to go to the litter box and potty-trained your dog to be taken outdoors, they still may have an accident now and then on your carpet. Some cleaning experts stated that white vinegar and baking soda will clean it up. However, many pet owners still complain that the smell and the stain are hard to clean up. Thus, professional carpet cleaning is necessary.

5. Professional carpet cleaning will make the carpet last longer.

As with any product, the longevity will remain upon proper maintenance of it. So, even though regular vacuuming and regular household scrubbing help, getting your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year (or more for high traffic areas), goes a long way. Go to http://truecleanohio.com to learn more!


Hands down- pet owners should have their carpets professionally cleaned. When you do this, you will maintain a safe and sanitary environment for you, your loved ones, and your pets. You will also maintain the longevity of your carpet.

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