3 Types of Water Damage You Need to Know About

3 Types of Water Damage You Need to Know About

Everyone knows that water damage is nothing to joke about. However, the source of water damage can sometimes be difficult to pin down. There are three main types of water damage per most home insurance companies recognize. This article will discuss those three types and how you may be able to repair them.

1. Sewer Backup


Perhaps one of the most unpleasant types of water damage is a sewer backup. This describes a situation in which water flows out from the drains that lead to a sewer. That might be your sinks, but it’s typically your toilet.


This water is especially dangerous because it’s dirty. It may contain harmful bacteria and viruses. Like regular water, it can also destroy your personal property.


There are a few causes of sewer backups. The mainline that attaches to the city sewer may be blocked. The sewer system, itself, may be old and in need of a repair or replacement. Tree roots are also a common cause behind sewer backups. The roots grow and extend over time and can rupture a pipe.


If your sewer is attached to the main city sewer, then you likely can’t DIY it yourself. You may be required to hire a professional company by the township. If it’s a private sewer, however, you can attempt to fix it yourself.


You’ll need to locate the source of the problem first. If it’s a tree root, then you’ll need to remove the root and replace the pipe. If it’s an old sewer system, then it may be time to replace the piping with brand new pipes. Sometimes, you may just need your sewer you be pumped.


2. Overflow Water


The second type of water damage comes from an overflow. This is when you have a leak in an appliance or the water comes gushing out of a pipe for no apparent reason. It may even be something as accidental as leaving the bathtub running.


Fixing overflow damages usually means fixing the appliance first. You may have to replace the flooring or parts of the wall where the water touched depending on how bad the damage is.


3. Flooding


The final type of water damage is flooding. This occurs when there is an abundant amount of rain that seeps into your home. It could also be caused by melting snow or decaying soil that keeps your house separated from a nearby river, lake, or pond.


Flood water damage can be difficult to fix, especially if the source is natural like an overflowing river. However, you can repair the damage by adding more soil around the house to prevent water from reaching your home in the future. You can also place sandbags around.

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